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    Marc W.Having confidence in a CPA firm that you feel is working for your benefit. A firm that understands the tax laws and can communicate with you.

    John D.I really can’t tell you how much I appreciate your detailed plan and presenting options.  This makes all the difference in the world to me… I think the difference [between you and the previous firm I worked with] is that you are way smarter and actually care about what’s happening to your clients.

    Chris D. I was in debt over my head with the IRS, and I could never have gotten back on my feet with all my back taxes and penalties. A.J was very inviting on our first meeting, his presentation was very promising and I left the meeting feeling confident that he would work hard on my situation and that he would get the job done. I never had any ILL feelings, or doubt in my mind, and A.J got the job done quickly and at a very fair price! Very happy with the whole processes! This has helped my life in more ways than you can imagine, and I’m thankful, and looking forward to getting my life back on track! Thanks guys

    Christine K.I have been extremely pleased with the services provided by your firm. A.J. is knowledgeable and truly cares about his clients and their well-being. A.J. goes above and beyond by making personal calls and responding to e-mails after hours. He always makes sure that you understand your situation and options available to you. The feeling of security that I have someone knowledgeable and caring on my side. Dealing with any situation with the IRS is unsettling and scary and A.J. makes you feel more secure with the situation at hand. I am so grateful that I found your company.

    DerrickI learned more about my tax problem from A.J. in 10 minutes than from any other tax professional in 4 years.

    Katherine J.Oh my Gosh!!!! A.J.!!!!!!!!!! I am almost in tears after reading your note!!! What a blessing you are for the company (and me too )! Thank you!!

    Sharon M.ALG Tax Solutions was a life-saver for my business. They unknotted a very complex, years-long issue with the IRS and we have just been able to resolve everything at a huge discount to my business. I really couldn’t be happier with them and how things turned out. I was able to save THOUSANDS of dollars and resolve my tax issue in a relatively short amount of time. AJ kept me informed about the process and set realistic expectations all the way through.

    Vicki G. Just met with A.J. for personal and business tax planning. He was extremely helpful, gave me straight forward answers to my long list of questions. I’ve been pleased with the tax services provided by Chuck Poor and his staff up until now, so he and AJ joining forces makes it an A+.

    Andrea G. I had an unexpected lien put on me by the IRS and had absolutely no idea where to go or what to do. The call came from an outside source that the IRS had tagged me and when I was told to go to this sight (ALG Tax Solutions) to get the paperwork needed. I reached out to the number attached and am grateful beyond words. I connected with a very kind, gracious and wonderful attorney. Mark has compassion and patience that someone who basically was blindsided by the news could only hope to be guided to. I am still in the process of getting this taken care of and knowing I have Mark, his knowledge and support behind me, I am confident this will all work out in the end. Dealing with the IRS isn’t anything anyone, at least myself, is confident in doing and Mark made it so much better. With abundant gratitude, Andrea G.

    Crystal S.I just wanted to take the time and say thank you!! Your information was both accurate and helpful. I appreciate you taking time out to assist me, thank you.

    Greg S.I cannot thank you enough for your help. You were professional, knowledgeable, thorough and most importantly good to your word. I would recommend you to anyone without hesitation or reservation.  Thank you.

    Jeff & Maryellen K.We would highly recommend ALG Tax Solutions to everyone. AJ answered all our questions that we had. It was a nice feeling to know that we had someone who was looking out for us.

    Arielle W.Thank You so much, you really helped me with my problem. And I’m 100% satisfied with the help you have given me and now a weight is lifted. GOD BLESS!!!!

    LeeIt has been over 6 months since you so generously assisted me with my IRS issues over the telephone. I am not sure if you will remember me, but a much overdue and heartfelt “thank you” to you for your time and patience. I did as you advised and “bought myself some peace of mind”. Thanks again, for sharing your knowledge, insights and advice. At that time, I was in a terrible state of fear and panic and you guided me through it. I was a complete stranger to you and you helped me. That does not happen very often. You were a blessing in my life at a crucial time. I followed your recommendations and now my IRS issues are stable. This has allowed me to move along with my life, which had previously (before speaking with you) been consumed by the anxiety of my IRS situation. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I hope all is well with you and you enjoy the long awaited Springtime!
 God bless you.

    Katie G.I’ve worked with three different CPA’s since starting at the company six years ago; AJ from ALG Tax Solutions is FINALLY what I was searching for. He is responsive to all of my correspondences, is willing to help out what any questions I have along the way and met all of our expectations as a client. He has gone above and beyond for us and successfully helped us clear a long, awful history with the IRS. I’m so happy to say that my six-year goal of IRS resolution was met this year and there is no way I could have done it without AJ.

    Emily S.ALG was very professional and informative right from the get go. They didn’t judge me, just kept to the facts and let me know everything that was going on every step of the way and what possible outcomes could happen. ALG helped me with a tax situation that I was at the end of my patience with and could have resulted very negatively in my life. I was in tears in their office, having all of my poor tax decisions coming crashing into me at once and they took me under thier wing and lead me step by step through what could happen and what we were going to do.

    Shari B.AJ was very honest, informative, and prompt. The overall experience was pleasant. I value most having a honest rate and a professional who works on my behalf looking out for my best interest. I felt so relaxed knowing that everything is done completely and correctly.

    George P.I was helping someone with an IRS tax problem. I call alg to try my luck. I got my luck by talking to Mark Hampton. He gave the advice I needed to complete my IRS form and he also gave me advice on to talk to the IRS on the phone. He was a great help so I sent him a fountain pen thank you gift. If anyone needs help solving their IRS tax problems, talk to Mark Hampton and he will help you. He knows his stuff and I can honestly state with the experience on how he helped me.

    Laura M.I have to say that in a funny sort of way, I’m quite thankful for you two as I am more at peace regarding all this financial ick that was hanging over me for so long. It’s reassuring to me to have support in an area I am so ignorant and at times, oblivious. Thanks for all your help.

    David K.Outstanding!!! Your firm removed a huge dark cloud from my future. All my State of Michigan taxes were forgiven. Removing over $180,000 of taxes, I now owe $0 and can plan for retirement better. Outstanding!!!

    George R.You guys have made my wife and myself regain our financial health by making this never go away nightmare disappear. The easiness of the process and the accuracy of the time frame for a solution. All the expectations we were offered were met. KUDOS

    Bill F.A.J. Gross provided a fresh start by reducing my tax liabilities, and negotiating an acceptable payment schedule. Get the IRS off your back and give him a call.

    A. B.ALG Tax Resolution is a very fair and honest Company. They work hard for results and are true to their word. I HIGHLY recommend them over other ALL the other local Tax Resolution firms in the local area. A.J. was always very prompt to respond to my questions and concerns. He always made sure I understood the process and kept me well informed.

    L. W.We have spoken to so many accountants and Lawyers, but AJ was the only one that has really helped me. AJ knows what he is talking about 🙂