IRS Letter Decoder:
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IRS letters can be intimidating. Every time you receive an IRS letter, you get a nervous feeling in your gut, especially, if you receive a Certified IRS letter. You start reading the IRS letter and realize you have no idea what the IRS is telling you. All you see is taxes, interest, and penalties. What do you do?

The first step you can take is to use our free IRS letter decoder to find out what your IRS letter means, how serious the situation is, and what you should do next. There are nearly 50 different types of IRS letters explained in the IRS letter decoder.

Most IRS letters have a notice number listed on the top right hand corner of the letter. With your IRS letter in hand, you can use our IRS letter decoder to find more information about the letter and plan your course of action. Simply input this code, and we’ll let you know why you received the letter, how serious it is, and what steps you need to take.

How to Decode an IRS Letter With No Notice Number

If your letter does not have a notice number in the top right hand corner, it may have a form number in the left corner. If so, simply enter the form number into the IRS letter decoder. (Do not include any numbers or letters in parentheses.) The following letters do not have codes or form numbers. To decode one of these letters, simply click on the appropriate link below:

Offer in Compromise Received

Offer in Compromise Accepted

If you require additional help understanding your letter or you would like more specific advice on how to deal with your tax problem, feel free to contact us.