Protect Your Company & Yourself – Howell Workshop

On Wednesday, January 20, 2016 from 11:30am to 1:30pm, we are excited to present before Howell Chamber of Commerce members. 123 E Washington St, Howell, MI  48843

The presentation is “Protect Your Company & Yourself.”

This is a three part presentation.

Part 1: Business Structures – Learn how having the right business structure can have a big impact on taxes.

Part 2: IRS Audit Proof – Preparing for an audit now will save you the future.

Part 3: Negotiating Back Taxes – Tips on reducing taxes and penalties.

Go to Howell Chamber of Commerce website to reserve your seat!

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Money Held for You in an IRS Secret Account

The IRS has a secret account for all U.S. citizens.  There is money in the secret account accessible to taxpayers.  By filing Form 1099-OID, taxpayers can gain access to their own secret account.  Taxpayers have received thousands of dollars from the IRS and you can to.  Does this sound too good to be true?  Well it is.

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Not all Capital Assets are Stocks

When most people think of capital assets, the first thought is stocks.  Stocks are considered a capital asset, however personal property are also considered capital assets.  We will provide an overview of capital assets.

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Obamacare Tax Credit Trap

You may qualify for a subsidy when applying for Obamacare.  The subsidy is considered an advanced payment of the Premium Tax Credit.  The amount of subsidy you may qualify for is based on your estimated family income.  Estimating your family income incorrectly can cause issues during tax time.  This includes potentially paying hundreds of dollars back to the government for receiving too large of a subsidy.
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IRS is Hacked

Earlier in the year, the IRS said identity thieves stole tax return information from 114,000 taxpayers.   The IRS has since said the number of taxpayers affected was actually 220,000.
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Tried Calling the IRS Lately?

If you tried calling the IRS lately, you were likely either on hold for a long time or you were disconnected and told to call back later.  You are not alone.  Customer service at the IRS has declined significantly over the past year.
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