New Company Evaluation December 2014

We are proud of this glowing company evaluation from a client.  It feels great to get clients similar to this one out of bad IRS tax and accounting situations.

1) When did you first become a client? 2010

2) What is your feeling about our firm from an overall point of view?
I’ve worked with three different CPA’s since starting at the company six years ago; AJ from ALG Tax Solutions is FINALLY what I was searching for. He is responsive to all of my correspondences, is willing to help out what any questions I have along the way and met all of our expectations as a client. He has gone above and beyond for us and successfully helped us clear a long, awful history with the IRS.

3) Describe a particular experience with us that made you happy.
Since I first started, I’ve been trying to resolve an unfortunate balance with the IRS that was caused from previous accountant’s and office personnel. I had zero accounting experience, half of the documents that I needed and no clue where to start. AJ pulled our entire history, made me a list of what to do, came up with a plan and has helped me execute it every step of the way. He researched ways to approach our situation, wrote letters on our behalf and kept us compliant to avoid future mistakes. I’m so happy to say that my six-year goal of IRS resolution was met this year and there is no way I could have done it without AJ. He has continued to impress us as a company and exceeded our customer service expectations by 1000%.

4) Describe the one or two benefits you have received from us that you value the most. Please be specific, and tell us how these benefits improved your life.
Lien Release: FREEDOM. We will now be able to bid on government jobs, expand our business and operate without being under the IRS radar.

Reliability: I know AJ will always help. He will always find me an answer and will always quickly reply. He is excellent at communicating with clients…something we need in a CPA!

Katie G.