Crazy IRS Voicemail

We received an email from one of our clients yesterday.  She received a call from the IRS.  The IRS left a crazy voicemail.  In the voicemail, the IRS threaten to sue her.

We knew the IRS does not call taxpayers threatening to sue.  This had to be some type of phone scam.  Boy were we right!  Check out this voicemail recording.

In August, the IRS issued a warning of new phone scams.  Read more here.  Here are some issues with this voice recording.

1)  Any IRS employee calling you will first identify themselves by providing you with their IRS employee number.

2)  You will never get an automated phone message from the IRS.

3)  If you did ever get generic message like this, the IRS would provide a toll free number beginning with 800, 866 or 877.

4)  The IRS doesn’t call taxpayers out of the blue threatening to sue.

If you receive a message similar to this, ignore it and DO NOT CALL BACK.  If you are concerned that the message could be real, call the IRS General Hotline at 800-829-1040.