Fraudulent IRS Emails

The busy tax season is a prefect time for IRS scams.  Check out this email one of our client’s received.

Watch out for Fraudulent IRS Emails!

One of our clients asked us why the IRS is asking her to verifying her e-file.  We were puzzled.  “What do you mean by verifying your e-file?” we asked.  She said she received an email from the IRS asking her to verify her e-file.  We informed her that the IRS never uses email to contact taxpayers.  The email she received was a scam.  See below.  The email has direct links to the IRS.Gov website.  However, the < Click Here > takes the client to a unknown destination.  You will also notice that the email came from Outlook.  This means this is an email from a person not the IRS!

Watch out for these types of IRS scams.  The IRS will never contact you by email.

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