Free eBook on First Time Penalty Waiver

You made a mistake by either filing your tax return late or paying taxes late. As a result, the IRS charged you penalties. The penalties charged by the IRS can be significant. If this was your first time making this mistake, you may qualify for First Time Penalty Waiver.

First Time Penalty Waiver is available for any taxpayer that meets the following two criteria:

1) Charged failure to file penalty, failure to pay penalty or failure to pay deposit penalty and;

2) Taxpayer has not been charged a similar penalty for the previous three years. If you meet these two requirements, you will qualify for First Time Penalty Waiver.

We offer a FREE eBook on requesting First Time Penalty Waiver: 5 Steps to Request IRS First-Time Penalty Abatement. Included in the eBook are step by step guides on determining if you qualify for First Time Penalty Waiver and contacting the IRS for First Time Penalty Waiver.

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