IRS Audit How to Survive

Your return was selected for IRS audit.  Your heart dropped.  The thought of dealing with the IRS is scary.  You have nothing to hide.  You want the IRS audit over as soon as possible.  Your plan is to freely provide whatever information the auditor requests. Auditors are trained on interrogation techniques.  The auditor will encourage you to talk about your tax return and personal finances.  Talking freely about your personal finances may be to your detriment. This may give the IRS the necessary information to add income or disallow write offs.

IRS Audit – Follow Three Guidelines

  1. Only provide information requested by the IRS and nothing more
  2. You should not have the audit at your place of business or home.   Move the IRS audit to the IRS office or your accountant’s office.
  3. You have the right to stop the audit at any time and request professional representation.  Stop the audit if it is not going well or you are concerned about mistakes made.

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You may or may not need professional representation.  Click here to learn which types of IRS audits may require professional representation. 

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