IRS Email Scam

One of my clients just received this email phishing scam.

From:        John Smith <>
Date:        01/14/2015 07:22 AM
Subject:        Your tax return was incorrectly filled out

Attention: Owner/ Manager
We would like to inform you that you have made mistakes while completing the last tax form application (ID: 245973808974) .
Please follow the advice of our tax specialists HERE

Please amend the mistakes and send the corrected tax return to your tax agent as soon as possible.
Yours sincerely

People will try anything to scare you into their scam.  If you get a questionable call or email from the IRS, please beware of the following.

1)  The IRS doesn’t email taxpayers.  It’s against IRS policy rules.

2)  The IRS rarely calls taxpayers out of the blue.  If you get a questionable call, hang up and call the IRS general hotline at 800-829-1040.  Click to read about the IRS Phone Scam Warning.

3)  The IRS will mail you a letter regarding any tax issues well before you will ever get a call from the IRS.