IRS Letters Lansing Fox 47

ALG Tax Solutions founder A.J. Gross was  interviewed on Lansing Fox 47. A.J. discusses receiving numerous IRS letters.

Tax Problems Don’t Disappear

When you owe taxes, you will be bombarded with IRS letters.  You can do one of two things when you receive an IRS letter.

Option 1:  Put your head in the sand.  There are many reasons why people choose to temporarily ignore IRS letters: too busy, not enough money to pay the taxes, scared of calling the IRS, angered by the outrageous penalties and interest, or refuse to allow the government to continue to waste your tax dollars.

The problem with option 1 is your tax problem will not go away.  The IRS has 10 years to pursue you.  If you don’t address your taxes, the IRS will eventually take harsh tactics such as wiping out your bank account, levying your customer accounts or garnishing your wages.  The other problem with waiting is your options on addressing your tax problem will decrease as time passes.  The later you wait, the more complex and costly your case becomes.

Option 2:  We highly recommend addressing your tax problem as soon as you receive the first IRS letter.  This is preferred.  There will be more options available to you to address your IRS taxes.  Your case is less complex and costly.  At this stage, there are client leads that do not qualify for our service.  We may provide guidance on how the client can fix his or her tax problems on their own.