IRS Levy on Social Security Benefits CP91

You received IRS Notice CP91: Levy on Social Security Benefits.  What now?

Why are you receiving this letter?

You received this Notice because the IRS has determined that you owe a tax balance, have not paid the balance, and will now levy up to 15% of your social security benefits to pay toward the balance.

What you should do?

Call the IRS or a tax professional immediately.  You may be able to hold off the levy for 30 to 60 days while you explore your options.  You must set up some type of arrangement with the IRS to resolve your taxes.  This may include preparing missing tax returns, levy release, non-collectable status, offer in compromise, or an installment agreement.

What can you expect next?

If you do not respond to the IRS in a timely manner, a portion of your social security payment will be held for IRS back taxes.  This levy will remain in effect until the balance is paid in full, or you enter into a resolution option with the IRS.