IRS Tax Penalties Abatement

It seems the IRS charges penalties for everything.  IRS Penalty for filing a return late.  IRS Penalty for paying taxes late.  IRS Penalty for not paying enough estimates.  IRS Penalty for not filing 1099s.  IRS Penalty for ….  The list goes on.  If you have reasonable cause, the IRS will abate IRS Tax Penalties.

IRS Tax Penalties

The IRS will remove IRS Tax Penalties if you have reasonable cause.  Acceptable reasonable cause tend to be extreme.

1)  Your house burned down at right about the same time your tax return was due.  As a result you filed your tax return late.
2)  Your neighborhood was hit by a tornado.  You had to care for your family.  Taxes were the last thing on your mind.
3)  Your child passed away in an horrific car accident.
4)  The bank did not provide you all your tax documentation.
5)  You had a life threatening medical issue.

These are examples of possible reasons the IRS may accept to abate IRS tax penalties.

To request IRS Tax Penalties Abatement, you can write a letter or file Form 843, Claim for Refund for Abatement.

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