Lansing Tax Interview on June 6, 2014

A.J. Gross, President of ALG Tax Solutions, was interviewed on the show The New Perspective.  The interview took place on Friday, June 6, 2014.  The New Perspective is an internet radio show broadcasted on the Michigan Business Network.  The host of The New Perspective is Rina Risper.

The New Perspective is an internet radio show focused on business, community, and life.  The host, Rina Risper, interviewed A.J. Gross, President of ALG Tax Solutions.

Rina and A.J. were all over the map in these interviews.  They talked about the new health care laws, college educations, life insurance, getting your tax refund seized, and A.J.’s crazy story on a tax audit.

Segment 1

In this segment, Rina and A.J. Gross talk about IRS tax penalties for not having health insurance under the new health care law.

Segment 2

We bounced around quite a bit in this segment.  First we talk about getting your IRS tax refund seized.  Then we talk about saving for college education and life insurance.  Like we said, the interview is full of surprises.

Segment 3

In our last segment, A.J. talks about IRS tax audits and how you can still get in trouble with the IRS even though you use all cash.  He discuss his wild encounter with an IRS Revenue Agent talking about finding hidden assets.