Tax Question – Levy Due to Student Loan

Question:  I filed my taxes this year and the next thing I know they took my tax for a federal student loan with out any warning. I never revived any letter that they were going to take my taxes garnishment any wages or anything they just took it with out any notification. Is there any thing I can do about this or do they have the right to do this to me a signal parent of there boys on ssi and i was going to use that to put a roof over our head? Please give me any input that you can please.

Answer:  Did you moved around at all?  If so, did you notify the Department of Education of your move?  There are likely rules that all the Department of Education has to do is notify you of the potential garnishment by sending a letter to the last known address.

The Department of Education does have the right to garnish an IRS tax refund.  You may want to call the Department of Education.  You can ask if you can set up payment arrangements and if you can get your refund back.  But the chances of getting your refund back are likely low.

This will happen every year when filing your tax return unless you set up arrangements with the Department of Education.

Best of luck.