How does a tax resolution company find out about your tax problem?

Taxpayers with IRS problems are being cold-called or are receiving letters from companies urgently seeking contact and promising that your tax problems can be easily resolved.  Some companies are being creative, sending out letters to taxpayers that contain personal information which often mimic official IRS letters.  Companies gain access to personal information due to a tax lien being filed by the IRS.

A tax lien is an enforcement action taken by the IRS to protect the IRS’s interest in back taxes owed.  Tax liens are filed in the county where the property is located.  If you owe taxes for more than one year, the IRS may issue an all-inclusive tax lien to cover all years owed or file a separate lien for each year owed.  Tax liens filed with the county are public information.  Typically for a fee, any individual or company has the right to gather tax lien information.

Be aware, if you receive a call from one of these companies soliciting your business, you most likely have tax issues.  Do not respond to such solicitations.  Instead, call your county tax division and inquire if any tax liens have been filed against property owned by you.  Solicitors typically use high pressured non-licensed sales people to sell you tax services that you may not qualify for or need.  For your information, tax liens will not be released until the taxes owed are fully paid.  If you do have a tax problem, seek a reputable firm specializing in tax problem cases.

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