ALG Tax Solutions can help you when it seems that there are no options or no one to help.  We pride ourselves on getting you through the toughest tax problems.  This is a testimonial from one of our client’s John. 

ALG Tax Solutions is currently helping John with a complicated tax situation.  John originally went to a nationwide tax resolution firm for help several years ago.  John paid the firm over $10,000 and did not receive the services promised in return.  He left the nationwide firm when they asked for an additional $5,000.  John then hired a smaller tax attorney firm.  This firm seemed to have good intentions but was not solving John’s problem.  John has since hired ALG Tax Solutions to resolve his tax situation.  Before we signed up John for services we fully reviewed the tax problem with John.  We discussed his goals and what he is trying to achieve.  ALG Tax Solutions then developed an unconventional plan to resolve his problem.

Below is an excerpt of an email chain between John and ALG Tax Solutions.

John – I really can’t tell you how much I appreciate your detailed plan and presenting options.  This makes all the difference in the world to me.

A.J. Gross – No problem.  I wished your experience was like this from the beginning with undisclosed nationwide tax resolution firm.

John – Thank you sir but I think the difference is that you are way smarter and actually care about what’s happening to your clients.