Top 10 Tips for Getting Your IRS Taxes Prepared

We review the Top 10 Tips for getting your IRS taxes prepared.  The goal is to help you choose a good tax preparer and to watch out for potential pitfalls.  

Top 10 Tips for Getting Your IRS Taxes Prepared

Tax Tip #1 Check the tax accountant’s PTIN.  All tax accountants preparing IRS tax returns must have a Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN).  You do not want your IRS taxes to be prepared by a tax accountant without a PTIN.

Tax Tip #2 Research your tax accountant.  Verify the CPA’s license with the Michigan Department of Licensing & Regulatory Affairs (LARA).  Verify the EA’s license with the IRS Office of Enrollment.  Check the Better Business Bureau for any complaints.

Tax Tip #3 Understand tax preparation fees.  There are two main ways tax accountants charge, the number of forms the accountant needs to prepare or the time it takes to prepare the tax return.  Watch out for tax accountants that charge based on the size of your refund.

Tax Tip #4 Tax accountants are not required to audit your tax records.  However, your tax accountant should ask you questions about income, deductions and tax credits.

Tax Tip #5 Ask to review your IRS tax return with the tax accountant.  Tax accountants are not perfect and mistakes happen.  This is your last chance to insure the accuracy of your IRS tax return.

Tax Tip #6 Check the preparer signature line.  All paid tax preparers must sign as the preparer on your IRS tax return.  Make sure the tax accountant’s PTIN is listed next to the tax preparer signature line.

Tax Tip #7 Ask to e-file your IRS tax return.   E-filing your IRS tax return is the quickest way to file.  If you are owed a refund, you will get your refund within two weeks.  Generally, most paid tax accountants must e-file all IRS tax returns prepared.

Tax Tip #8 Request a copy of your IRS tax return.  The tax accountant is required to provide their clients a copy of the prepared IRS tax return.  Ask your tax accountant for a copy of your IRS tax return.

Tax Tip #9 Never sign a blank IRS tax return.  It would be like signing a blank check.  You will have no idea of what gets reported to the IRS.

Tax Tip #10 Request tax support for the entire year.  Check to see if you are able to contact the tax preparer throughout the year.  You may not want a tax preparer that works during tax season but then is unavailable after tax season.   You should have the option to contact your tax accountant if the IRS sends you a letter about your IRS tax return.

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