Taxmasters files for bankruptcy protection and JK Harris Arrested

Taxmasters, a nationally advertised tax resolution firm, filed for federal bankruptcy protection on March 18, 2012.  Taxmaster is now the fourth nationwide firm to get into trouble with the attorney general.

Article:  Rogalski, Jeremy  / KHOU 11. “News Houston – based Taxmasters Inc. files for bankruptcy.”

In related news, JK Harris was arrested for contempt of court.

Article:  Knapp, Andrew.  “JK Harris former CEO arrested for contempt of court.”

This is a reminder.  Choosing the right firm to handle your tax situation is a very important decision.  Picking the wrong firm can have dire consequences for your pocketbook and your peace of mind.  You risk losing thousands of dollars in fees with little to no results in return.  Read my previous blog for more information.  Another Nationwide Firm Bites the Dust.

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