Trust Fund Penalty – Who is the responsible person?

The IRS will hold individuals in a company personally liable for trust fund recovery penalties.  The IRS will conduct an investigation to make this determination.  This blog discusses the factors the IRS evaluates during the investigation to determine the individuals considered a “responsible person” for trust fund penalties.
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Quote of the month – September 2012

A leader destined for success asks, “What can we do to improve?”

A leader destined for failure says, “That’s the way it’s always been done.”

Which are you?  Anonymous



ALG Tax Solutions can help you when it seems that there are no options or no one to help.  We pride ourselves on getting you through the toughest tax problems.  This is a testimonial from one of our client’s John.  Continue reading…

IRS New "Fresh Start" Program works!

Earlier this year the IRS announced the “Fresh Start” program.  The IRS implemented this program to provide relief to struggling taxpayers.  I discussed the need for program in my blog posting, “IRS Overwhelmed by Offer in Compromise Requests, Changes Made.”  I must admit that I was a little skeptical of this program in the beginning.   But now I am a believer.
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