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A business is incorporated and owes taxes under the business’s name and EIN. The business may be small, medium, or large, and may be one of several different business entity types. Businesses may be required to pay IRS and state payroll taxes, IRS and state income taxes, and Michigan Sales and Use taxes. ALG Tax Solutions is proud to help businesses throughout the State of Michigan and the United States with a variety of business tax services, including tax preparation, filing late tax returns, establishing new business entities such as an LLC or Corporation, resolving IRS or State of Michigan tax problems, and representing the business during an IRS or State of Michigan tax audit.


Common Tax Problems for Businesses:

  • The business has several years of unfiled business and payroll tax returns.
  • The business did not pay sufficient quarterly taxes and got a large tax bill at the end of the year.
  • The business did not pay payroll taxes to the IRS or State of Michigan.
  • The business did not pay sales or use taxes to State of Michigan.
  • There is a tax lien attached to property that the business would like to sell.
  • The IRS or State issued a levy notice to the main customer(s) of the business, ordering them to pay all moneys owed to the business toward back taxes.
  • The IRS or State has garnished all funds in the business bank account and/or frozen the account.
  • The business has not dealt with the back tax balances for many years.
  • The business has outstanding payroll taxes and the IRS wants to interview everyone involved in the business to determine who is responsible for paying and filing payroll taxes.
  • The business filed tax returns late and the business was charged significant penalties.
  • The business tax return is being audited. The audit could be due to unreported income, overstated expenses, a mistake on the return, or an error made by the IRS.