If You’re

If you’re self employed you will have increased tax responsibilities compared to an individual wage earner because you must calculate and pay taxes on a quarterly basis all on your own. The complexity of your tax situation will depend on the nature of your business, your expenses, and whether or not your business is incorporated. ALG Tax Solutions can help with a variety of self-employed tax services, whether you need a simple tax return prepared or you owe back taxes to the IRS or state.


Common Tax Problems If You’re Self-Employed:

  • You are unsure of how to prepare your taxes now that you are self-employed
  • You have a large tax bill because you did not pay sufficient quarterly taxes
  • You did not pay payroll taxes to the IRS or State of Michigan
  • You did not pay sales or use taxes to the State of Michigan
  • You have several years of unfiled individual or business tax returns
  • You have not dealt with your back tax balances for many years
  • Your tax return is being audited due to unreported income, overstated expenses, a mistake on your return, or even a mistake on the part of the IRS
  • There is a tax lien attached to a property you would like to sell
  • Your customer(s) have been issued a levy notice ordering them to pay all money they owe you to the IRS or state towards back taxes
  • Your bank account funds have been garnished or your bank account has been frozen by the IRS or state