Michigan Form 5185

Offer in Compromise Schedule 3: Doubt as to Liability

Form 5185 OIC Schedule 3 – Offer in Compromise Based on Doubt as to Liability is used by taxpayers to request an Offer in Compromise from the State of Michigan when they believe they do not owe the tax or when assessment of the tax was done erroneously.  Michigan Form 5185 must be attached to Michigan Form 5181 when filing the Offer in Compromise.

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    The explanation you provide in Part 2, along with supporting documentation, must demonstrate by clear and convincing evidence (i.e., it is substantially more likely than not) that you are not liable for all or a portion of the tax liability.

    As stated in the instructions, you must provide all evidence of your claim with your original submission because you may not have the opportunity to add additional supporting evidence later.

    Instructions for Filling Out Form 5185