Michigan Form 5181

Offer in Compromise

Michigan Form 5181 is used to request an Offer in Compromise from the state of Michigan.

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    You can request a Michigan Offer in Compromise if you are unable to pay the taxes owed or you don’t believe you owe the taxes.  The state may agree to settle for less than the full amount owed.

    Requirements for Michigan Form 5181

    Michigan Form 5181 lists the three requirements that are needed to qualify for an Offer in Compromise.  The form provides the options available as to the reason for requesting an Offer.  Finally, Form 5181 provides the Offer in Compromise and payment terms that are available, as well as the Offer in Compromise terms and conditions.

    1) Every Offer in Compromise filed with the Michigan Department of Treasury must include Form 5181.

    2) Every Offer must be filed with a Schedule. The Schedule you file is based on the reason you are requesting the Offer.

    If you are filing an Offer in Compromise because:

    Instructions for Filing Form 5181